Company Profile

Company Profile

Brainstorm Co., Ltd.

  • Location: 1-8-2 Higashi, Kunitachi, Tokyo
  • Phone number: +81-42-571-8360
  • Capital: 10 million yen
  • Representative: Takayuki Nakamura, Representative Director

Business content

  • Planning, development, and production of multimedia such as video software, computer software, and CDROM
  • Planning and production of masters for compact discs, music tapes, videos, etc.
  • Sales of compact discs, music tapes, videos, computer software, etc.
  • Multimedia research, development and consulting services
  • Planning and production related to advertising
  • Implementation, use, permission of use, maintenance and management of intellectual property rights (copyright, commercialization right, etc.)
  • Music copyright management
  • Development of use of music works (recorded recordings, music scores, etc.)
  • Providing know-how on recording technology
  • Talent management and promotion
  • All businesses incidental to the preceding items

With a wide range of game production experience, we can propose from the planning stage.
We aim to convey a pleasant sensation to the user through game production and sound synchronization.