Sound is the power of the game.

Our job is to utilize the sound.

Brainstorm has always been on the front lines of the industry since 1999 as a company producing game music and sound effects.

Over the past 20 years, the game sound production scene and technology have changed, but the role of music and sound effects in games has remained the same as it used to be. Brainstorm continues to make sounds, seriously considering the role that sound plays in the game.

When it comes to making game sounds, there are many different types of work.

Realize sound interaction not only in the composition and arrangement of songs and BGM, but also in vocals, recordings, voice actor castings and narration recordings, MA work to create sound effects with images, science museum exhibitions, and various event sites. Programming etc.

We are a sound production company that can undertake all of them.

Nothing conveys emotions like sound.

Nothing can convey emotions like sound.

Characters speak, sound effects, and environmental sounds make up the world view. Then, the music that stirs the emotion flows.

With that alone, a new story will be born and game players will enter the world more. And above all, the appeal of the content can be further enhanced.

Mysteriously, when you add sound to a still image, some people mistakenly think that it is a video.

Brainstorm Co., Ltd. has provided “sound” to various contents so far. We will use your experience to help you create sound for your content.

From the booking of famous voice actors, to recording and editing in the studio, please leave it to us.