Graph Arpeggiator 3

Graph Arpeggiator 3

「Graph Arpeggiator 3」It's new Sound Tool.


Entirely new applications, it's freely create a variety of sound is the version appeared in Mac and Windows.



 It is an unprecedented tool. You can produce a lot of sound only by drawing a polygonal line graph to play your various VST instruments without being conscious of a note and musical score. You can produce extremely many variations of loop phrases and sound effects very speedily. From sound creators to beginners having no knowledge of the music can make original and imaginative sound very easily. It is very convenient and superb tool, so you can also produce a lot of jingle and ME in the same way.

 We concentrate our longtime know-how and technique as a sound production company on this tool. You can cost-cut expense for production of making sound effects and music effects and development efficiency will be improved dramatically. This is great application, highly recommended to all company is related to sound and people who work there.
  VST instruments are not included in this application. It is necessary to install them  
    separately by yourself.







 サウンド制作のノウハウを知り尽くした当社が、社内向けの制作ツールとして、Maxを利用し開発してきた「Graph Arpeggiator」(グラフアルペジエーター)。誰も思いつかないようなインパクトのある効果音を作りたい、もっと簡単にサウンドフレーズを作ることはできないか、とそんな思いから、2007年から開発を始めました。


 「Graph Arpeggiator」シリーズは、そうしたノウハウのつまったサウンド制作ツールです。

Download/DEMO Version

You cannot save sound data in DEMO Version. In addition, it is finished automatically in approximately three minutes.

Graph Arpeggiator 3 Win Ver.

      Download 11.5MB

Graph Arpeggiator 3 Mac Ver.

      Download 17.9MB



Manual Download

      Graph Arpeggiator 3.pdf 948KB
(Japanese Only)


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